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Exhibit Design

Dolphin Discovery — National Aquarium, Baltimore

The National Aquarium’s dolphin presentation program underwent the most significant programmatic changes since 1989 when the Pier 4 expansion first introduce Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins to the City of Baltimore. The new program moved away from ticketed and schedule presentations to a more flexible and inclusive format that allows Aquarium guests to stay as long as they like to enjoy a whole new menu of exhibit and presentation opportunities. The design needed to compliment the shift away from scheduled presentations towards a more informal exhibit experience. With a very limited budget and a very short design/build period, the design set out to soften the big amphitheater feel and create a more intimate and fun environment to inspire the guests to “get close” to these amazing mammals. As the exhibit design lead, I provided creative direction to a small team of graphic designers, multimedia artists and contractors, to develop the visual identity for the exhibit, specify a new hierarchy of corrosion-resistant finishes, and oversee the sensitive construction of the exhibit.

Polar Play Zone — John G. Shedd Aquarium

Opened in 2009 as part of the $60 million Oceanarium Renovation, Polar Play Zone is a new permanent exhibit focusing on children between the age of two and eight. The exhibit features dolphins, otters, penguins, and beluga whales as well as a number of smaller species. Each of the four rooms focuses on a specific habitat and the animals that live there and provides opportunities for children to learn more about theses amazing animals through play and exploration of the environments.

The Pacific Northwest — John G. Shedd Aquarium

Opened in 2009 as part of the $60 million Oceanarium Renovation, The Pacific Northwest exhibit features the Aquarium’s beloved marine mammals — California sea lions, sea otters, dolphins and beluga whales. The redesign includes a new pool for hosting a premium immersion experience with the beluga whales. All of the habitats were redesign to provide more space for the animals, better lighting conditions, and improved training amenities. I was responsible for leading the rockwork design and construction throughout the entire Oceanarium redevelopment.

The R/V Coral Reef II — John G. Shedd Aquarium

A small exhibit tucked into the popular Caribbean Reef Exhibit, this exhibit tells the story of the Aquarium’s collection vessel the R/V Coral Reef II and the Aquarium’s collecting practices.. The exhibit also pays tribute to the Bahamian government.

WaterShedd — 2009 Chicago Flower and Garden Show — John G. Shedd Aquarium

Conceptual and schematic design of a temporary exhibit for the 2009 Chicago Flower and Garden show. The exhibit’s focus was on demonstrating the different choices one could make to reduce or slow the amount of water that reaches the storm drain from a rain event. The primary focus was on single family homeowners and featured a home and garden with functioning rain falling onto the home’s roof and surrounding garden from an overhead drip system. The following images trace the conceptual development process towards a schematic design set.

Wild Reef — Exit Gallery — John G. Shedd Aquarium

A redesign of the exit gallery of the very popular Wild Reef exhibit. The design was inspired by the art work of Massimo Bartolini and strips the content down to focus more intimately on the Shedd Aquarium’s coral propagation strategy. As an extension of the space, two monitors are embedded in what appears to be a standard window frame as if looking beyond the exhibit wall into a lab space. Two of the aquarium’s biologists are caught having a conversation amongst themselves about the conservation of the coral reef.